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A savage murderer is on the prowl in Japan. One by one, his victims fall but what is he searching for? The same thing a murderess is looking for. We are all looking for that special love of our lives and sometimes, we're willing to kill everyone to find that special someone. This is the tale of two people finding each other in the most vicious way possible.

Time Traveller

Pharmaceutical researcher Kazuko Yoshiyama has privately discovered a formula for time travel when she is left unconscious after a car accident. Her daughter Akari, on the belief that finding her mother's first love - Kazuo Fukamachi will enable her mother to wake up again, uses Kazuko's formula to leap back in time from 2010 to the 1970s in hopes of seeking younger Kazuo. Unfortunately, Akari finds herself traveled to a wrong year: 1974 instead of 1972, so she meets and befriends Ryota Mizorogi, who lets her stay in his flat and help her to find Kazuo. The future becomes uncertain as the duo realize they fall for each other.

One Missed Call (2003)

The spirit of a vengeful woman has been creeping into people's cell phones, and one by one is taking the lives of the folks in their internal telephone books. When Yumi receives a call with the date and time of her death, she struggles to save herself and learn the identity of the mastermind behind the calls.

Detective Conan - Season 25

Natsuko Shibuya, a teacher at Haido Elementary School, receives a call from Jodie Starling while grading math tests at night. Natsuko tells Jodie she needed to meet with some parents soon after. After that, some events happen around her past.

Initial D: Fourth Stage

Takumi Fujiwara has made his decision and joins Ryosuke and Keisuke Takahashi in creating a new race team. Project D has now been formed, and they have only but one goal, to compete against the best drivers in all of the Kanto region.

Close Range Love

Yuni Kururugi is a smart high school student. She excels in all subjects except for English. A new English teacher begins work at Yuni's high school. His name is Haruka Sakurai and he is very handsome. Yuni begins to receive one-on-one tutoring from Mr. Haruka Sakurai. Soon, Yuni develops feelings for her teacher and she realizes that she is now in love. Yuni then confesses to her teacher.

Detective Conan - Season 14

It is said that Takagi will send him to a case in a far away place where he shall remain there until the case is solved. Later the Detective Boys are walking home when they noticed a strange jogger. Takagi, Sato, and Chou are placed on the case of a murder.

Battle Royale


Battle Royale

Set in the scene of future, the film revolves around a 9th grade student named Shuya Nanahara, after his father's suicide, is forced by the Japanese government to content in a deadly ruthless battle where the students in his class are given random weapons to fight against each other to the death, with only the sole survivor being permitted to live.

Dragon Ball Z - Season 8 (English Audio)

Season 8 opens with Videl being unable to keep up with Gohan and Kibito, so she decides to go back. Before she leaves she realizes that Gohan was the kid who defeated Cell and not her father, and says that she will date him once he comes back. 

[16+] Helter Skelter

Top star Ririko undergoes multiple cosmetic surgeries to her entire body. As her surgeries show side effect, Ririko descends into a world of nightmares as she desperately tries to retain her perfect image.

Crows Explode


Crows Explode

Kaburagi Kazeo is a new transfer student at Suzuran All-Boys High School. New fights start happening in the school to find out a fighter who conquers Suzuran. Kazeo first intends to stand outside the battle but ultimately, he is involved and confronts Ryohei who has proved himself as a top skilled fighter of the school.

One Piece The Movie 10: Strong World

East Blue in crisis? The news hits the Straw Hat Pirates along their journey. With their hometowns facing a pinch, Luffy and his friends put their adventures on hold and decide to head back to East Blue.

Dragon Ball - Season 3 (English Audio)

Series 3 opens with Goku, Krillin, and Bulma narrowly escaping the cave before it collapses. They make it back to General Blue's headquarters, where Goku converses with Commander Red over the radio, and then they go back to Roshi's island. Meanwhile, Blue follows them.




The movie is set in a distant dystopian future where the gunslinger-type Killy is on a quest to save civilization with the help an incredibly powerful weapon called the Gravitational Beam Emitter.

Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer

Detective Conan investigates an explosion that occurs on the opening day of a large Tokyo resort and convention center. However, this proves to be difficult as Tooru Amuro, a Black Organisation member that goes by many names, is interfering with his investigation.

One Punch Man (English Audio)

The film sets in the fictional metropolis of City Z, Japan. It centers on Saitama who is a super powerful hero prevents many kind of monsters with one punch. He is hungry to find out stronger opponents.

Flavours of Youth

From CoMix Wave Films, the creative visionaries behind the international phenomenon Your Name, this movie tells three different stories of youth set in different cities of China.

Detective Conan OVA 2

The detective boys, the Mouri family, Professor Agasa, Heiji, Sonoko, Kazuha, and several members of the police are invited to Inspector Shiratori's party at Karuizawa. An incident occurs, and now there are 16 suspects among those invited to the party.

Sailor Moon R: The Movie - Make up! Sailor Senshi

The film begins when Usagi and Chibiusa overhear two girls talking about the Sailor Senshi. Humorously, as the girls discuss which is the smartest, most elegant, strongest, and the leader of the Senshi, Usagi claims those titles for herself.

Ju-on: The Grudge

The film refers to a curse placed upon a house where violence occurred. In which, the vengeful spirits of Kayako and her son, who are brutally killed by the husband/father, lurk around and kill anyone who dares to step in.

Erased - Season 01

It tells the story of Satoru Fujinuma, a man who somehow possesses an ability that sends him back in time moments before a life-threatening incident, allowing him to prevent it from happening. When his mother is murdered by an unknown assailant, Satoru's ability suddenly sends him back eighteen years to when he was still in elementary school, giving him the opportunity to prevent a kidnapping incident that took the lives of three of his childhood friends, two classmates and one young girl studying at a school nearby.

Ju-on: The Beginning Of The End

This is the third season of the Japanese horror movie - Ju-on that tells the story of a high school teacher in Nerima. Her student - a young boy - has been absent in class for several weeks, to find out the reason, she decides to come to his house where she sees the tragedy happened in this house 10 years ago...

Detective Conan OVA 11

Conan cannot travel to Lon Don with Mori and Ran with his invented name, so Ai gives him a temporary antidote and travels to Lon Don as Kudou Shinichi with Professor Agasa. There, they also meet some cases...

Inuyasha - Season 6

Season 6 opens with Naraku having sent a demon called Mimisenri to look for the Sacred Jewel shards. Meanwhile, Kagome returns to the present day, and finds that the school is in the middle of preparing for the cultural festival. Kagome ends up helping out with the festival.
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